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Spices list

List of Spices in Hindi and English : Dried seeds, fruits, root, bark, or vegetables mixed with the purpose of making food, coloring or preserving the food are called ‘spice’. Sometimes spice is also used to hide other flavors.

Spices are different from herbs

Different parts of leafy green plants are called herb. They are also used for flavoring or embellishment. Many masala have the ability to destroy microorganisms. masala are an integral part of the kitchen. We use various types of masala in the kitchen. Turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, celery and asafetida etc. are included in the daily meal. Spices are a small part of the cooking process.Spices name list

India’s position in global spice production

India is called the house of masala. Indian Spice Research Institute is an autonomous research institute of India, which engages in research related to masala. Its headquarters is located in Kozhikode (Kerala). Various types of masala are grown here, such as black pepper, cardamom (small and large), ginger, garlic, turmeric, red chilli etc. India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices and masala products. Out of the 109 spices listed by the ISO, India produces 75 due to its diverse agro-climatic regions. Almost all the states and union territories of the country grow some masala. In the world spice trade, India’s share in global exports is 48 percent and export value is 44 percent. It exports more than 0.40 million tons of masala every year. Let us know the names of India’s major masala in both Hindi and English: –

List of Spices in Hindi and English

भारत के प्रमुख मसालों की सूची – List of Indian spices

Spices Names

List of Spices in Hindi and English 
1Liquoriceमुलैठी /MulaithiGlycyrrhiza glabraLiquorice,मुलैठी, Mulaithi
2Gall-Nutमाजूफल/MajoofalQuercus infectoria
3Indian Madderमजीठ/MajeethRubia cordifoliaIndian Madder, मजीठ [Majeeth]
4Nigerरामतिल/RamtilGuizotia abyssinica
5Maceजावित्री/JaavitreeMyristica Fragrans
7Sandalचन्दन/ChandanSantalum album
8Popy seedखसखस/KhaskhasPapaver somniferum
9Yeastख़मीर/KhameerSaccharomyces cerevisiae
10Linseedअलसी का बीज/Asalee ka BeejLinum usitatissimum
11White Pepperसफेद मिर्च/Safed MirchPiper nigrum
12Vinegarसिरका/SirkaAcetic acid
13Turmericहल्दी/HaldiCurcuma longa
14Sugarचीनी/ChiniSaccharum officinarum
15Sesame, Gingellyतिल/TilSesamum indicum
16Saltनमक/NamakSodium chloride
17Saffronकेसर/KesarCrocus sativus
18 Red Chilliलाल मिर्च/Lal MirchCapsicum
19Poppyअफीम/AfeemPapaver somniferum
20Pomegranate Seedअनार दाना/Anar DanaPunica granatum
21Pepper, Chilliमिर्च/MirchCapsicum
22Nutmegजायफल/Jaifal, JaiphalMyristica fragrans
23Nigellaकलोंजी/KalonjiNigella sativa
26Mango Powderअमचूर/AmchoorAnacardiaceae
27Gingerअदरक/AdrakZingiber officinale
28Garlicलहसुन/LahsunAllium sativum
29Fenugreekमेथी/MethiTrigonella foenum-graecum
30Dry Gingerसोंठ/SonthZingiber officinale
31Curry Leavesकरी पत्ते/Kari PatteMurraya koenigii
32Cumin, Cumin Seed, Carawayजीरा/JeeraCuminum cyminum
33Coriander Leavesहरा धनिया/Hara DhaniyaCoriandrum sativum
34Coriander , Coriander Seedधनिया/DhaniyaCoriandrum sativum
35Cloveलौंग/laungSyzygium aromaticum
36Cinnamonदालचीनी/DalchiniCinnamomum verum
37Carom Seed, Celery, Parsley, Thymolअजवायन/AjwainApium graveolens
38Cardamomइलायची/IlaichiElettaria cardamomum
39Black Pepperकाली मिर्च/Kali MirchPiper nigrum
40Bay Leafतेज पत्ता/Tej PattaLaurus nobilis
41Basilतुलसी/TulsiOcimum basilicum
42Asafoetidaहींग/HeengFerula assa-foetida
43Aniseed, Fennelसौंफ/SaunfPimpinella anisum